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Welcome to WCOnline!
To get started, register for an account by clicking the link to the left. Then start making appointments to meet face-to-face with collegiate or graduate-level writing consultants at the Writing Center in the library commons.
Spring-Summer 2020 update: The Writing Center is not offering face-to-face appointments until classes resume on campus in the fall semester, but we are receiving online reservations, called etutoring, here at WCOnline. So when you schedule or update WCOnline appointments, be sure to attach your latest project draft to your appointment block as an attached file; please also describe or attach the assignment instructions, and write your specific questions in your appointment block. At your appointment time, a writing consultant will review your attached draft, answer your questions, and send you helpful feedback to your registered email address. Alternatively, you may follow our email guidelines for distance learners to send us your drafts and questions by email since we are all distance learners for a season.
Distance learners: Don't make appointments, but email your project drafts and questions to the Writing Center; please follow our email gudelines for distance learners at our campus site. We look forward to hearing from you.
The best practice, as always, is to make an appointment early in the semester for later in the semester, about one week before your due date. In this way, you will gain time and information with which to improve your skills and your project.
In Fall 2020, please bring a hardcopy of your draft essay and the assignment sheet to your face-to-face appointment so that you and your writing consultant can discuss them together.
Please note: Writing consultants offer advice to the best of their abilities with the sole intention of helping you become a better research writer, from arguing a case to global revision and editing. As a writer, whether or not you accept and use this advice, you continue to bear full responsibility for the quality of your work.

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